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Changi Airport Singapore

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Changi Airport Singapore

A rebranding initiative by the Changi Airport Group to replace the old landmark sign with a new sign that celebrates the Group's 2nd Anniversary.

The iconic landmark sign was erected using individual tempered glass sheets, threaded together to form the structure. Light casted on the tempered glass made the landmark appear green, creating a green landscape-like backdrop for the cut out letterings and logo.

CAG Terminal 4, the new Changi Airport Terminal 4 building is 25m high and features 27 aerobridge gates. The design inspiration of the terminal was taken from an orchid petal and this is evident in all the shapes and pattern employed in the signage housing.
The terminal features a 300m long Central Galleria that resulted in an open space that connects departure, check-in, arrival, and transits areas within the terminal. This also allows the steady flow of freestanding and ceiling-hung wayfinding signage to be visual from whichever position one stands at.

The eye-catching landmark Terminal 4 signage can be seen as one travel along the up ramp leading to the departure hall. The outstanding white text stood behind a wall of green foliage.

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